nded. For three days his mother had done nothing but alternate between Womens Jenny 150mm Black Suede Peep Toe Pumpsdespondent stares and gut-wrenching sobs, whereas Daniel had been too busy taking care of the girls to Womens Jenny 150mm Red Suede Pumpslet grief catch up to him. At least he could sometimes cheer up his sisters, but he had been a complete failure at trying to ease his motherrsquo;s hollow-eyed pain. He would have to figure out what to do about that, although all he could concentrate on now was how badly he wanted to see Clara. Womens Jenny Satin 150mm White PumpsGuilt tore at his insides for even thinking such a thing, but just for a blessed few hours he needed to be with Clara rved and picked up speed. Napping on the roadmdash;not something to be undertaken unless one was desperate or getting paid.Shawna angled her hip beneath her, trying to find a more comfortable position.Each spring inside the worn


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